Book Design Case Study

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Project Overview:

"Alma Carioca" is a photography book I created and self published, sharing the experience I had while living in the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 


Full product and visual design, photographing all of the images, creating page layouts and cover design in Adobe Indesign. 


The total project duration from start to finish was 10 months.

The Vision: 

I have been wanting to make a photo book for years, the opportunity arose right before my first trip to Brazil. I had various photo book inspirations before hand, but this time wanted to make something small, that portrayed a feeling rather than a super deep long formed story line. After returning from the first trip to Rio I had a lot of photos but not enough to fill an entire book, but little did I know I would soon be returning but this time for 6 months. Below are some photo subject's I had in mind that I wanted to be included in the book.

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Throughout my time living in Brazil, I shot images of all sorts of different subjects, food, nature, people etc, with the end goal in mind to compile everything into a coffee table photography book.  The process was a long journey from ideation, content gathering, image post production, book visual design and lastly marketing and public listing. 

Design tools & Design Challenges:

I used a variety of tools from the Adobe Creative Suite such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Indesign and Premiere Pro. During the process, one of the major challenges I faced was designed for the proper book format. I used the self publishing book company Blurb and had to adhere to their page formats, in this particular case a 7X7 Indesign page document. I went through various page sizes and ultimately had to resize numerous times to finally reach the finish. 

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Marketing and Outreach 

Once the book was nearing the finish, I ordered numerous test copies and many times noticed little imperfections that needing revising, until I was completely happy with the outcome. From there I started my research into marketing and outreach strategy. I decided on distribution with Amazon, and created a social media campaign to distribute the word on multiple platforms with photo and video content. 

Final Product:

Below you can find the finished product video, if you are interested in the book yourself you can click the "Photo Book" Link on my website which will direct you to Amazon!

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